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Firm Overview

In the last eighteen years, Mr. Salama has helped companies and individuals navigate the legal system successfully. For some, this meant going before a judge or jury, whether in federal or state court, or elsewhere. For some, it meant getting out of the case as quickly and painlessly as possible. For some, it meant putting the right knowledge and systems in place to minimize litigation risk. It meant correcting an injustice, holding those who perpetrated it accountable, be they individuals, scam artists, big entities with bad practices, or government exceeding their power; or preventing an injustice by rendering the would-be perpetrators powerless. Regardless, it meant listening, understanding, and then making the commitment to meet client needs leaving them feeling prioritized with their goals likely to be met.

Mr. Salama's clients know that they will get consistently high level of service and quality of work whether they are a lower middle class minority individual harassed at work, or a multinational entity that shouldn't be involved, regardless of whether the opposing firm has offices around the world or was formed last week.

It is this reputation which has caused Mr. Salama's practice to flourish. It is this high level of care which causes each of his clients to feel like they are the most important. It is this high level of commitment which enables him to have a diverse practice including the specialties of employment, cryptocurrency, cannabis, constitutional law, and business litigation, to name a few, and achieve excellent results across the spectrum.

This diverse litigation experience has also given Mr. Salama priceless insight into the nuances of a wide range of transactional matters, from basic corporate formation, premarital agreements, and writing terms and conditions for startups to negotiating contracts for authors, by allowing Mr. Salama to account for emerging issues and trends beyond the basic cookie-cutter forms which only reflect the most obvious pitfalls.



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Joseph Salama is a trial attorney licensed to practice law in California. Mr. Salama has litigated and helped resolve hundreds of cases in the areas of general civil litigation, employment, commercial, cryptocurrency, cannabis, medical malpractice, landlord/tenant, and family law, among many others, in federal court, in state court, before arbitration panels, administrative law judges, the Department of Labor, the Workers Compensation Appeals Board, and in mediation. Mr. Salama obtained his mediation certification and his undergraduate degrees from U.C. Berkeley, and his law degree from Boston University School of Law, with a concentration in dispute resolution. Mr. Salama is fluent in English and Arabic, Egyptian dialect.



Mediation services

For the last sixteen years, Joseph Salama has helped resolve hundreds of disputes in mediation, sometimes before a complaint is ever filed, sometimes a week or two before trial.

Although Mr. Salama draws on his trial and litigation experience to help parties evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of their cases, he does not force a settlement on those terms.  Instead he positions it as a benchmark fallback position - the likely alternative to a mediated agreement - which, once identified, enables the parties to comfortably explore other, more optimal, mutually beneficial, outcomes they had not yet considered.  This style of mediation factors into account the existing law, minimizes the buyer's remorse that parties often experience the day after the mediation, and takes full advantage of the parties' ability to truly draft their own superior resolution by properly and realistically motivating them.

Ultimately, cases resolve in mediation based on the energy, creativity, and persuasive skills of the mediator.  Mr. Salama has each those in abundance.   He has had unique success with difficult cases arising out of cultural differences.




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