Mediation services

For the last sixteen years, Joseph Salama has helped resolve hundreds of disputes in mediation, sometimes before a complaint is ever filed, sometimes a week or two before trial.

Although Mr. Salama draws on his trial and litigation experience to help parties evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of their cases, he does not force a settlement on those terms.  Instead he positions it as a benchmark fallback position - the likely alternative to a mediated agreement - which, once identified, enables the parties to comfortably explore other, more optimal, mutually beneficial, outcomes they had not yet considered.  This style of mediation factors into account the existing law, minimizes the buyer's remorse that parties often experience the day after the mediation, and takes full advantage of the parties' ability to truly draft their own superior resolution by properly and realistically motivating them.

Ultimately, cases resolve in mediation based on the energy, creativity, and persuasive skills of the mediator.  Mr. Salama has each those in abundance.   He has had unique success with difficult cases arising out of cultural differences.